What steps can I take to protect my PC from Malware?

1. Install a reputable antivirus and keep it updated: Make sure to install a good antivirus program such as Microsoft Defender or a third-party solution such as Avast, AVG, or McAfee, and keep it updated with the latest virus definitions.

2. Use a firewall: Having a firewall installed and turned on can help to stop malicious software from downloading and installing itself without your knowledge. It also can keep track of all the incoming network traffic to ensure only legitimate packages are accepted.

3. Keep your operating system up to date: Your operating system should be regularly updated in order to stay secure. Installing any available updates quickly is essential to protect your PC from malware.

4. Be wary of internet downloads: Only download files from trusted websites, and be careful not to click on any suspicious links or pop-up windows that could potentially contain harmful software.

5. Backup your data: Storing copies of important digital information on an external hard drive or cloud storage solution can help you recover quickly if malicious software damages your files.

6. Use strong passwords: Using strong, complex passwords whenever logging into an online account can help to prevent unauthorized access. Also, try and avoid reusing passwords across multiple sites.