What type of hardware upgrades can I perform to speed up my PC?

1. Upgrade your RAM: Adding more RAM (random access memory) will help your computer run faster and more efficiently.

2. Upgrade your hard drive: Installing a larger and faster drive, either an SSD for faster loading times or an HDD to increase your storage capacity, can make your PC more responsive and snappy.

3. Upgrade your CPU: Modern CPUs are much faster than those from even a few years ago. Replacing yours with a more powerful processor can dramatically boost your computer’s performance.

4. Upgrade your GPU: If you’re looking to improve your gaming PC, a new graphics card can drastically improve performance and make your games look better.

5. Upgrade your cooling system: If your PC is overheating due to inadequate or outdated cooling fans or heatsinks, replacing them can help keep your system running efficiently and reliably.