What versions of Windows Defender are available?

There are several versions of Windows Defender available, each tailored to a specific version of the Windows operating system.

Windows Defender 1.0

The first version of Windows Defender was released in 2006 with Windows Vista and was designed to protect users from malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, and other types of malware. It included a variety of tools and features to detect and remove these potential threats. It also incorporated a number of additional security enhancements, including an updated version of the Windows Firewall and Windows Update service

Windows Defender 2.0

Windows Defender 2.0 was released in 2009 with Windows 7 and featured improved protection capabilities, such as better malware detection and removal, enhanced firewall protection, and updated rootkit detection. It also had a streamlined user interface, making it easier for users to manage their security settings. Additionally, the malware detection and removal techniques were greatly improved in this version, making it more effective at detecting and eliminating malicious software.

Windows Defender 3.0

Windows Defender 3.0, released in 2012 with Windows 8, brought with it even further advancements in terms of security, protection, and performance. It included improved malware detection and removal capabilities, enhanced real-time protection, as well as better firewall and rootkit protection. Additionally, this version also put much greater emphasis on user education, providing users with more informative messages about potential security threats and potential actions they can take to help protect their computers.

Windows Defender 4.0

Windows Defender 4.0, released in 2015 with Windows 10, included many of the same features found in its previous iterations while also introducing a number of new features to bolster user security. This version included a more streamlined user interface making it easier to navigate and manage settings, enhanced malware and rootkit removal capabilities, improved hardware protection to protect against malicious USBs and other storage devices, and improved web browsing protection to help prevent malicious websites from loading.

Windows Defender 5.0

Windows Defender 5.0 was released in 2019 with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. This version introduced a number of improvements including cloud-based protection, improved ransomware protection, and new detection capabilities. It also made several UI changes to make the program easier to use and introduced new attack surface reduction rules to help protect against newer threats.