Where to find out how much space is left on your hard drive?

You can find out how much space is left on your hard drive by using a disk space analyzer or an application that displays the current storage used and remaining storage on the hard drive. The Windows operating system includes a built-in tool for checking this information.

In Windows 10, you can view the free space of your hard drive by opening File Explorer, right-clicking on the drive and selecting “Properties” from the drop-down menu. This will open a window with the size of the drive, the space used, and the free space.

If you need more detailed information about your hard drive’s capacity, you can use a third-party program such as WinUtilities, which provides a full analysis of the space on your hard drive. WinUtilities will identify large files and folders across all drives, helping you to decide what needs to be deleted or moved to another location to free up space on the hard drive. It can also help identify any issues that are causing your computer to slow down by looking at startup items, installed programs, and other resources.

Overall, WinUtilities is a great application for helping you understand the space available and being used on your hard drive. It’s user-friendly, comprehensive and includes helpful tools that let you easily clean up your disk and manage file system.