Why are the images I’m scanning so blurry?

When scanning documents, blurry images are often the result of several factors.

The first factor is the quality of the document being scanned. If the document is old, faded or creased lines can cause a blurred image. Additionally, problem areas with the print, such as smudges, can also result in a blurry image. Depending on the type of scanner used, shiny or glossy documents may also be difficult to scan, due to any type of reflection that may occur.

The second factor is the settings of the scanner itself. The resolution of the image being scanned will play a role in the overall quality of the image. The dpi, or dots per inch, setting should be set high enough to accurately capture small details within the document, but low enough to avoid large file sizes. Furthermore, the contrast, saturation and color settings of the scanner should also be adjusted to ensure that all parts of the document are adequately captured and reproduced.

The third factor is the software being used in conjunction with the scanner. Although certain scanners may come with pre-installed software, this software may not be the best option when scanning documents. Professional scanning software should be used in order to allow the user full control over the scanning parameters, ensuring optimal image quality and accuracy.

Finally, the condition and age of the scanner itself can also play a role in the quality of the image. If the scanner has not been properly maintained or is too old, it may not be able to accurately capture fine details of the document, resulting in blurry images. Additionally, if the scanner’s light source or optical lens has become misaligned, the image can become fuzzy or distorted.

In order to resolve the issue of blurry images when scanning documents, it is important to consider each of the above factors. Ensuring that the quality of the document is up to standard and adjusting the scanner settings accordingly will help to produce a clearer scanned image. Furthermore, using professional scanning software and regularly maintaining the scanner can also help to improve the results.