Why does my scanner keep freezing up during scanning?

There can be several reasons why a scanner keeps freezing up during scanning. The most common issue is that the computer either doesn’t have enough memory to handle the image being scanned, or the computer’s hard drive is too fragmented, which means pieces of the image are scattered across the hard drive. It can also be caused by the wrong scanner driver being used or the wrong setting being used while scanning. Other causes may be a hardware problem with the scanner itself or outdated software on the computer.

To fix this problem, it is important to first check the computer’s hardware and software to make sure they are functioning properly. If there is not enough memory available on the computer, increasing the RAM could help. Additionally, defragmenting the hard drive and downloading the latest scanner driver can ensure the best possible scanning performance. If the problem persists after doing these steps, then the scanner itself may need to be serviced or replaced.