Why is my printer making noise when it prints?

Noise is a common problem encountered when using a printer. Printers make noise for various reasons, from normal operation to mechanical faults. To determine why your printer is making noise while printing, it is important to identify the type of noise it is producing and then investigate the likely cause.

Normal Operation

A printer will generate noise when it is in use, and this is normal. For example, most inkjet printers produce a loud hum as ink is moved around its internal pipes, and some laser printers can be quite loud when their laser scanner moves back and forth. Additionally, paper can make a rustling sound as it is moved through your printer. These operating noises are usually nothing to worry about, though with many modern printers, like inkjet and laser models, they can be louder than older printers.

Maintenance Tasks

Sometimes, a printer will produce noise when it cleans itself or when it prints maintenance information. Maintenance tasks are necessary as they keep your printer running smoothly and efficiently. These noises are generally quite loud compared to your printer’s normal operation and can last for several minutes. If you notice that your printer is making an unusual noise and it is not printing, check to see if a maintenance task is being performed.

Paper Jams

When paper is jammed in a printer, it will usually generate a loud and noticeable noise. This noise is caused by the paper trying to move through the machine without success, and it will generally sound louder than the noise made during regular operation. If your printer generates this type of noise, it is likely that your printer has a paper jam. To fix the jam, remove the paper carefully and check that no paper remains inside the printer.

Print Head Issues

Most printers will generate noise if they are having difficulty moving the print head around the page, and if this is accompanied by a grinding sound, it could indicate a mechanical fault. Normally, a printer will try to clean the print head before it starts printing, and if this fails, it will generate more noise. If your printer is noisy and you have ruled out a paper jam, it is possible that there is a problem with the print head.

Other Issues

Finally, your printer may generate noise due to other issues such as a worn out belt or loose parts. If your printer is old or has been heavily used, it is possible that mechanical parts need replacing. If the noise persists and none of the above options are effective, contact a technician or take your printer to a repair shop.