Why is my scanned image fuzzy or distorted?

When scanning an image, there are certain things that can cause the scanned image to be fuzzy or distorted.

The most common cause of a blurry or distorted image when scanning is due to improper scanning settings. Depending on the type of scanner you are using, the type of document being scanned, and the desired results, the scanning resolution, transparency mode, scanscale, and other settings will need to be adjusted to produce the best possible scan. For instance, scanning at too low of a resolution will result in a pixelated, blurry image.

Another common cause of a fuzzy or distorted image when scanning is an unclean or damaged original. Any dust, scratches, or other imperfections on the original document will be magnified during a scan and will appear as blurred spots on the digital image. It is important to ensure that the document being scanned is clean and in good condition before scanning it.

A third cause of a fuzzy or distorted image when scanning is incorrect placement of the document within the scanner… If the document is not correctly aligned with the scanner’s sensors, then the resulting scan will not accurately capture the full image, resulting in blurred or distorted sections.

Finally, if the scanning software being used does not support the types of documents that are being scanned, then the results may be fuzzy or distorted. This can happen even when all other settings are correct, as the software may simply not be able to process the data correctly.

Fortunately, most of these issues are easily rectifiable by making sure all settings are properly configured and aligning the document correctly with the scanner’s sensors each time. By taking care to double-check settings, keeping originals clean and unblemished, and using proper software, it is possible to minimize the risk of fuzzy and distorted images when scanning.