Why is my scanner not recognizing my document?

There may be several reasons why your scanner is not recognizing your document.

1. Dust or debris may be blocking the scanner’s sensors, so clean the scanner’s surface and the document’s surface before scanning.

2. Make sure you have placed the document properly on the scanner bed. If it is not correctly aligned, the scanner may not be able to detect the document.

3. The brightness of the scanner may be too low or too high. You can adjust the brightness settings in the scanner utilities, or try scanning a test page (like a blank piece of paper) to make sure the scanner is working correctly.

4. The scanner may be too slow for the resolution of the document. Try using a different resolution setting for scanning, as a lower resolution may allow the scanner to work faster.

5. The document may be too big or too small for the scanner to recognize it. Be sure the document is the right size to fit on the scanner bed or glass.

6. Your scanner may not be compatible with the type of file you are trying to scan. Some scanners can only accept certain types of files, like PDF or JPEG.

7. If you are using a network-connected scanner, make sure it is connected properly to your router or other networking device.

8. If all else fails, consult your user manual or speak to the customer service line for your scanner. They may be able to offer more advice or solutions to your problem.