Dr. Folder - Translation

Our software supports multiple languages, you can check this page to see which languages has included in our software. If you can help us to translate our software to your mother tongue, and your document is accepted by our editor, you will get a free Lifetime license key! For example, if you translate Dr. Folder to your mother tongue, and we have accepted your document, you will get a Lifetime license key for Dr. Folder.


  • Arabic language by mazen saleh
  • Bulgarian language by Pavel Belivakov
  • Chinese(Simplified)  language by yeung kam wah, WU.YL
  • Chinese(Traditional) language by yeung kam wah
  • Czech language by Miroslav "Plazák"
  • Dutch language by Verhue Bernard
  • English language by YL Computing
  • Farsi language by Farda hast 
  • Finnish language by Veikko Muurikainen
  • French language by Cordialy, Jean-Pierre Lepage
  • Georgian language by vladimer tsurtsumia
  • German language by Fuchsl
  • Greek language by Michael Goud
  • Hungarian language by Buci
  • Hebrew language by Yaron.S
  • Indonesian language by Charles Neo
  • Italian language by Antonio Gattulli
  • Japanese language by Tilt
  • Korean language by JaeHyung Lee
  • Portuguese language by Claudio Mantovani Vieira
  • Portuguese (Portugal) language by Vítor Ramos
  • Polish language by Andrzej
  • Russian language by Денис Агафонов
  • Slovak language by Erik Berta
  • Serbian language by Deja Nick
  • Slovenian language by Jadran Rudec
  • Spanish (México) language by TranslatorMx
  • Turkish language by Onur DEMİRCİ
  • Thailand Language by Nitikorn Khampukdee
  • Ukraine Language by Іван Тодерян


Download your localized version?

Help Us Translate And Get A License Key Free

If you don't see your language on the list, your can create your own translation and it's easy! Email us your translation! If we choose yours, you'll get the Dr. Folder for free...along with all the fame and glory from your fellow speakers.

Translate to your mother tongue

To start translate language pack, please follow the following steps:
1. Go to "<Installation Folder>\lang\" and copy "English.xml" into the yourlanguage.xml.
2. Open the file - yourlanguage.xml, and translate text between <TAG> and </TAG>. For example: <ButtonText>My Translation Text</ButtonText>.
3. Run Dr. Folder, click top menu -> Languages, then select your language to apply. Make sure your translation is OK.
4. After you translate, please E-mail a copy to us: language@ylcomputing.com.