YL Web Scraper - Data Collection Made Easy

Empower your business with the ultimate data collection tool. YL Web Scraper is a powerful software that allows you to effortlessly extract data from any website. With built-in AI conversion, Google Translate integration, and seamless integration with WordPress and Twitter, it's the ultimate solution for all your data gathering needs.

System requirements: Windows 8/9/10/11(64bit) + Chrome v118 or newer

Version (Version History)

Download Now (Windows 64 bit)


Key Features

  • Web Data Extraction: Gather data from any website effortlessly.
  • AI Conversion: Automatically convert data using advanced AI algorithms.
  • Google Translate: Translate content on the fly for a global audience.
  • WordPress Integration: Directly upload content to your WordPress site.
  • Twitter Integration: Share updates with your followers in real-time.
  • Export Options: Save your results in CSV, Excel, Json, Txt, and more.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the application using the link above.
  • Run the application and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once installed, launch YL Web Scraper and begin extracting data effortlessly!

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