Perfect Hotkey - Version History

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Perfect Hotkey version 2.0
* Supports more languages
* Fixes a bug that may cause issues in Windows 10
* Minor tweaks

Perfect Hotkey version 1.32
* Supports to assign hotkey for copying (instead of CTRL+C)
* Supports to assign hotkey for pasting (instead of CTRL+V)
* Supports more languages
* Fixes minor bugs

Perfect Hotkey version 1.31
* Supports to simulate WinKey+Space on Windows 8/8.1 (use CTRL+Space or CTRL+Shift to switch input method)
* Added more languages
* Bugs fixed

Perfect Hotkey version 1.3
* Supports to assign hotkey to empty clipboard
* Supports to assign hotkey to empty recycle bin
* Supports to assign hotkey from F13 to F24
* Supports to open URL with the default browser
* Fixed an UI issue that may cause problem under Windows Classic Mode
* Added more languages

Perfect Hotkey version 1.2
* Improved Canned Messages Manager
* Improved Canned Messages Selector

Perfect Hotkey version 1.1
* Added a new user interface
* Added multi-language supports
* Bugs fixes

Perfect Hotkey version 1.0
* New Release on November 28, 2013
* Friendly user interface
* Supports to create and manage your canned messages for any programs
* Supports to open websites without you starting your browser
* Supports to run your programs without you having to find them in the start menu, desktop or folders
* Supports to close, minimize, maximize windows with a single key, without clicking on anything
* Supports to hide any program, game, video, picture with a single key
* Supports to shutdown or restart your computer in less than a second
* Supports to open any program, website, game, file, folder, drive, music, video, document, image anywhere, anytime without finding, clicking or opening it