List of supported languages


Our software supports multiple languages, you can check this page to see which languages has included in our software. If you can help us to translate our software to your mother tongue, and your document is accepted by our editor, you will get a free Lifetime license key! For example, if you translate Unlimited Clipboard to your mother tongue, and we have accepted your document, you will get a Lifetime license key for Unlimited Clipboard.

Help Us Translate And Get A License Key Free

If you don’t see your language on the list, your can create your own translation and it’s easy! Email us your translation! If we choose yours, you’ll get the Unlimited Clipboard for free…along with all the fame and glory from your fellow speakers.

Steps to Translate to your mother tongue

To start translate language pack, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to “\language\” and copy “English.txt” into the yourlanguage.txt.
  2. Open the file – yourlanguage.txt, and translate text only after symbol “=”.
  3. After you translate, please E-mail a copy to us: