Are there any other tips and tricks to quickly improve the performance of my PC?

1. Upgrade your RAM: Increase the amount of RAM in your computer to boost the speed and performance.

2. Install an SSD: Replace your hard drive with a Solid State Drive for faster boot times and faster data access.

3. Optimize Start-up: Use Windows’ optimization tools or third-party programs to reduce the amount of software running at startup.

4. Disable Visual Effects: Disable any unnecessary visual effects in the Appearance Settings in order to free up system resources.

5. Clean Out Junk Files: Regularly clean out your temporary folder, cookies, and other junk files to free up more space and make sure your PC’s running smoothly.

6. Update Drivers: Make sure that you keep your device drivers updated so your hardware is functioning optimally.

7. Run Disk Defragmenter: Run the Disk Defragmenter tool to optimize your hard drive so your computer runs faster.