Are there any tips and tricks to speed up my PC?

1. Run regular maintenance tasks, such as disk clean up and defragmentation, to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently.

2. Uninstall any unused applications or programs that are taking up space on your computer.

3. Update your operating system regularly as updates often include bug fixes and security patches.

4. Close any programs that you’re not actively using to free up resources.

5. Check for malicious software or viruses that may be slowing your computer down.

6. Reduce the number of startup programs running at once to optimize your PC’s performance.

7. Add RAM to increase the speed of your computer.

8. Reduce or limit the number of notifications and pop-ups you receive to prevent your processor from becoming overworked.

9. Disable visual effects to free resources for more important tasks.

10. If possible, connect to a faster network connection.