Are there any tips to improve battery life while using my PC?

1. Limit Screen Brightness: Reducing the brightness of your screen can make a significant difference in battery life.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: When not in use, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can help conserve battery life.

3. Unplug Peripherals: Most peripherals use power, even when not in use. Unplug any USB devices or peripheral devices when not in use.

4. Use Battery Saving Modes: Many PC’s have a battery saving mode available which is designed to extend battery life.

5. Be Selective With Running Programs: Avoid running unnecessary programs that consume large amounts of battery power.

6. Close Background Tasks: Unneeded tasks running in the background can eat up a lot of battery power. Close out any applications and process you’re not using.

7. Reduce Graphics: Lowering the graphics settings on games and other applications can help conserve battery life.

8. Update Drivers: Keeping system drivers and software updated can help increase battery life.

9. Enable Power Management Options: Some power management options are available in the control panel that can help conserve battery life.

10. Check Battery Health Regularly: To ensure your battery is operating efficiently, check your battery health regularly and discard any old batteries.