Are there any tricks to improve the loading times of applications?

1. Minimize HTTP Requests: Use CSS sprites to reduce the number of image requests on a page. Combine and minify JS, CSS, and HTML files to reduce the number of requests.

2. Enable Caching: Enable browser and server caching so that when users come back to your application, they don’t need to download everything again.

3. Compress Components: Use Gzip or Brotli compression to reduce the size of text-based files such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which can help to reduce the overall size of your application.

4. Optimize Images: Optimize images for the web by compressing them and resizing them if necessary.

5. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN): A CDN is a network of servers located around the world that can help to speed up the delivery of your content.

6. Build a Responsive Site: Build a responsive site that can adjust itself automatically based on the user’s device and screen size so that it can quickly load the most relevant content.