Are there any useful utilities that can help speed up my computer?

Yes, there are several useful utilities that can help speed up your computer:

1. Cleanup and Optimization Tools:
These tools help to remove unnecessary files and programs from your computer to free up space and improve performance. Popular examples include CCleaner, IObit Uninstaller, and Glary Utilities.

2. Disk Defragmenter:
This tool helps to reorganize file fragments on a hard drive so that programs can access them faster. Windows has its own built-in defragmenter, but third-party options like Advanced SystemCare and Auslogics DiskDefrag are also available.

3. Malware and Antivirus Protection:
Malware and viruses can slow down your computer, so it’s important to have a reliable program to protect against them. Popular options include Avast, Malwarebytes, and Kaspersky.

4. Registry Cleaners:
Registry cleaners scan and fix any problems in the system registry, which is the database that stores important settings and information. Examples include System Mechanic and RegistryFix.