Do I need to disable certain services in order to boost performance?

1.Run System Configuration to start the services optimization process. On Windows 10, select “Start,” type “msconfig” in the search box and select the System Configuration program from the search results.

2.Select the “Services” tab and click “Hide All Microsoft Services.” This removes all of the Microsoft services from the list and leaves programs running in Windows or third-party applications.

3.Check the boxes for any services you want to selectively disable. Windows typically runs dozens of services at any given time. Some are essential, and some are not. To determine which services are essential, research each service in the list to determine whether it’s necessary.

4.Click “Apply,” and then select “Restart” when prompted to reboot the computer. Alternatively, you can select the “OK” button and manually restart the computer.

5.Run benchmarks before and after disabling services to test performance boosts. Similarly, study the logs to see if any services you disabled caused problems with other programs.