Does more RAM improve PC performance?

Yes, more RAM can improve PC performance.

1. Increase the capacity of programs to run: Adding more RAM enables your computer to open larger programs and more programs at the same time, which otherwise would have caused a slowdown and reduced performance.

2. Speed up multitasking: More RAM allows your computer to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down. This is because RAM stores information that multiple programs need at the same time so they can run concurrently faster.

3. Improve system responsiveness: With more RAM in your system, your machine will be able to respond to user commands faster.

4. Enhance game performance: Upgrading RAM will provide an overall smoother gaming experience since the game will be able to access more data from the RAM than from the hard drive.

5. Remove system bottlenecks: Adding RAM will reduce bottlenecks in the system by allowing multiple components that need to share resources to do so more quickly.