Does the scanner appear in the device manager?

Yes, the scanner should appear in the Device Manager.

The Device Manager is an essential tool for managing hardware and software components in any computer. It can be used to view information about all of the hardware connected to a computer, including scanners. To access the Device Manager on Windows-based systems, click on the Start button and type “Device Manager” into the search box. The Device Manager will appear as an option; simply select it to open it up.

Once the utility is open, look through the list of devices which should appear in the window. If a scanner is connected to the system, it should be listed in the “Imaging Devices” section. Alternatively, look for it under the “Other Devices” section if it is not immediately visible in the Imaging Devices area. If the scanner is present, the Device Manager will indicate that it is working properly.

If the scanner does not appear in the Device Manager, it can suggest a problem with the device. This issue may be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the device, or by reinstalling its driver. Reinstalling the driver may be done manually, by downloading the appropriate software from the manufacturer’s website; or automatically, using Driver Update software.

In conclusion, the scanner should appear in the Device Manager. If it is not showing up, it may require a manual installation of drivers or a reinstallation.