Does Windows Defender automatically scan for threats?

Yes, Windows Defender automatically scans for threats on a regular basis. This feature is enabled by default in Windows 10 and was introduced with the Creators Update.

Windows Defender runs a quick scan each day and will alert you if there are any threats it finds. It also runs a full scan once a week to check for threats that haven’t been detected by the quick scan. If any viruses or malware are found, Windows Defender will quarantine them or delete them, depending on how severe they are.

You can also manually trigger a scan whenever you want. To do this, open the Windows Defender Security Center, select Virus & threat protection, then select Scan options. You can then select either Quick scan or Full scan, depending on how thorough you want the scan to be.

The Windows Defender security center also provides malware protection, which helps scan every file and program you download or save to your device for malicious content. It also regularly checks for malicious software (malware, viruses, ransomware, etc.) that may be running on your computer.

Finally, Windows Defender also includes real-time protection. This means that you will be notified if any new malicious software is detected and it will be blocked from running. It also scans for suspicious behavior, such as programs trying to access restricted parts of your system.

Overall, Windows Defender does provide automatic scanning for threats on a regular basis. However, if you want to take extra security measures, you should also consider using additional third-party antivirus software.