Does Windows Defender offer real-time protection against malicious programs?

Yes, Windows Defender offers real-time protection against malicious programs. Windows Defender runs in the background on Windows 10 and has a variety of features designed to protect the user from online threats.

One of the most important features of Windows Defender is real-time protection. This feature monitors incoming network connections and actively scans for malicious software that may be trying to enter your system. In addition to scanning for malware, Windows Defender also monitors your system for any suspicious activity or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). It can also detect if a program is trying to make changes to your settings without your permission.

Windows Defender also provides cloud-based protection, which allows it to cross-check files and programs with Microsoft’s online database of known malicious software. If a match is found, the file or program is blocked from running on your system. Additionally, Windows Defender will periodically carry out a system scan to check for new threats and update its database accordingly.

In short, Windows Defender provides real-time protection against malicious programs by monitoring network connections, scanning the system for potential threats, and updating its database with known threats. This helps to ensure that your system is protected from malicious programs, exploits, and other online threats.