Does Windows Defender protect against ransomware?

Yes, Windows Defender can protect against ransomware. It provides protection against known and emerging threats, such as ransomware.

Windows Defender has multiple layers of security that work together to protect your computer against ransomware. It uses real-time protection to detect and block malicious files and applications from running on your machine. It also monitors for suspicious behaviors associated with ransomware, such as sudden file and folder encryption.

In addition to real-time protection, Windows Defender provides on-demand scanning, which allows you to regularly scan your system and remove any potential threats. This helps to ensure that any malicious programs, including those associated with ransomware, are removed before they can encrypt or damage your files.

Windows Defender also offers Cloud-based protection, which blocks unknown ransomware by utilizing Microsoft’s global network of servers. These servers analyze billions of files every day to identify and block malicious files and applications. If a file or application is identified as malicious, Windows Defender will block it from running on your device.

Furthermore, Windows Defender includes Application Guard, which creates a virtualized environment and isolates malicious content from your device. This helps to prevent malware from spreading between your files and compromising your entire system.

Finally, Windows Defender has introduced Ransomware Protection, which is designed to specifically target ransomware. This feature monitors processes that are attempting to modify files, block access to files, or restrict user input. If any of these actions are detected, Windows Defender will immediately begin taking steps to protect your files and restore them to their pre-encryption state.

Overall, Windows Defender provides comprehensive protection against ransomware. With its real-time protection, on-demand scanning, Cloud-based protection, Application Guard, and Ransomware Protection, Windows Defender is capable of preventing, detecting, and removing malicious files, applications, and processes from your system.