Does Windows Defender protect against viruses and malware?

Yes, Windows Defender can protect against viruses and malware. Windows Defender is the built-in anti-virus program for Windows 10 and it works to protect your computer from known viruses, malware, ransomware, and other malicious software. It’s always on and automatically scans your device to keep it safe from harm.

Windows Defender provides protection in four ways:

1) Real-time Protection: This is the most effective layer of defense that Windows Defender provides. It works in the background to identify and block threats before they can do any damage. It monitors new files that are downloaded and all incoming web traffic, scanning for malicious content. If a threat is detected, Windows Defender will alert you and block the file or website.

2) Cloud-Based Protection: Windows Defender uses real-time data from the Microsoft cloud to detect and block new threats, even if they haven’t been seen before. This means that if a virus is found somewhere on the internet, Windows Defender can quickly detect it and stop it from reaching your device.

3) Behavior Monitoring: Windows Defender looks for suspicious activity on your device, such as changes in key system files or programs launching without your permission. If something suspicious is detected, Windows Defender will alert you and take action to block the threat.

4) Proactive Detection: Windows Defender uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect zero-day threats, which are threats that haven’t been seen before. This means that Windows Defender is able to protect your device from unknown threats that have not yet been identified.

In addition to these features, Windows Defender also offers enhanced ransomware protection, one-click scanning, and options to customize your security settings. It also includes an app quarantine feature and a boot time scan to make sure your system is clean when starting up.

Overall, Windows Defender does a good job of protecting against viruses and malware. However, it is important to note that no anti-virus program is perfect. It is still best to practice safe browsing habits and avoid downloading questionable content in order to maintain a secure system.