Does Windows Defender protect my computer from viruses and malware?

Yes, Windows Defender can protect your computer from viruses and malware. Windows Defender is an antivirus program that has been included with Windows since Windows Vista. It provides real-time protection against a variety of threats including viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malicious software.

Windows Defender works to detect and remove any malicious code or files that may be present on your system. It can scan your computer and identify threats, and it will take action to quarantine or remove any infected files. Windows Defender also offers real-time protection against new threats, which means it will quickly detect and stop any new infection attempts.

In addition to its own virus and malware protection capabilities, Windows Defender also includes additional features such as Monthly Updates and SmartScreen. These features act as an additional layer of security, ensuring that your PC is always up-to-date with the latest security updates and that your online activities are monitored for potential malicious activity.

Windows Defender also offers cloud-based protection against emerging threats, which means the program can proactively identify and block new online threats and attacks before they can reach your PC. This helps to keep your computer secure even when you’re not actively using it.

Finally, Windows Defender also offers a Control Panel that allows you to easily configure it and customize it to suit your needs. You can set up automatic scans and schedule them to run at regular intervals, or you can manually launch a scan whenever you feel like it. You can also adjust the level of protection it provides based on your preferences.

Overall, Windows Defender can provide an effective protection against viruses and malware, and it can give you peace of mind knowing your computer is secure. However, it’s important to remember that Windows Defender alone cannot protect you from all the threats out there, so you should consider adding additional security measures such as a third-party antivirus program, a firewall and more.