Does Windows Defender scan files automatically?

Yes, Windows Defender is capable of automatically scanning files for potential threats. It does this by continuously monitoring the system for any changes that may introduce malicious applications or software onto the system.

When it detects a potential threat, the software automatically begins scanning the associated files for signs of malicious code or malware. This feature is important for both businesses and individuals because it helps protect their systems from unknown threats that could otherwise harm their data or compromise the security of their machines.

Windows Defender also has an automatic scheduling system which allows users to customize when and how often scans take place. This is useful for users who may not have time to manually conduct regular scans; they can instead set their own schedule and let the software do its job. Users can choose to scan daily, weekly, or monthly and can also opt to only scan files or folders that are frequently used or modified.

In addition to the automatic scan feature, Windows Defender also offers ‘real-time protection’ which is designed to protect against the latest threats as soon as they appear online. It does this by continuously scanning incoming and outgoing files, emails and even downloads from the internet. Windows Defender can detect any suspicious activity and will immediately quarantine the virus or malicious code.

Another useful feature offered by Windows Defender is its ‘Exploit Protection’. It works by proactively preventing previously unknown exploits from being successful on the device. Exploit Protection works by running a series of tests to check if the machine is vulnerable by checking various resources such as web pages, active processes and open ports. If the machine is found to be vulnerable, it will automatically patch or block the exploit.

Overall, Windows Defender is a powerful and efficient tool that provides users with an effective way to protect their systems from external threats. With a variety of features such as automatic scanning, real-time protection and exploit protection, Windows Defender can prove to be an invaluable asset in maintaining system security.