How can I adjust the scanner settings to get better quality scans?

There are a few basic settings that can be adjusted to get better quality scans. Start by ensuring the document is properly placed on the scanner glass and that there are no loose papers and that the document is as flat as possible. Then, set the correct scan settings for the type of document you are scanning. Depending on your scanner settings, these should include:

• Scanning Mode: Choose a color or black and white mode depending on the type of document you’re scanning.

• Resolution: The higher the number, the clearer your scanned image will be. Start at around 200 dpi for regular documents and increase if necessary.

• File Format: Pick either JPG or PDF depending on your specific needs. PDFs are best for documents that need to be edited while JPGs are better for printing.

• Color Mode: You can choose from RGB (for full color) or Grayscale (for black and white).

• File Size: Adjust the file size when converting to ensure it is the right size for online or print uses.

By adjusting these simple settings, you should be able to get better quality scans.