How can I check my computer’s temperature to prevent overheating?

1. Check your computer’s system specifications to determine which type of temperature monitor is necessary. Many computers come with built-in temperature monitors, such as Intel’s Thermal Monitoring Technologies (TMT). If your computer does not have this technology, you will need to purchase a temperature monitor, such as a thermometer or thermocouple, separately.

2. Install the temperature monitoring software or hardware on your computer. If you are using a separate temperature monitor, make sure to connect it to the computer’s system fan.

3. Regularly check the temperature readings in the software or hardware. Depending on your computer model and the ambient temperature in the room, the temperature should generally be between 35°C (95°F) and 90°C (194°F).

4. Take action to reduce the temperature if it surpasses the recommended levels. This could involve cleaning the inside of the computer’s case, improving airflow by rearranging components such as storage drives, or adding more fans.

5. Monitor the temperature regularly to ensure that it remains within the recommended range.