How can I customize the desktop background in Windows 10?

1. Windows 10 provides a range of options for customizing the desktop background. By default, the background is set to the “Windows” logo but users can customize it to suit their preferences. Here are some steps to customize the desktop background in Windows 10:

2. Go to Settings. Find the Personalization option in the left menu and then select Background.

3. From the Background drop-down menu, select the type of wallpaper you want to use. There are three choices: Picture, Solid Color, or Slideshow. Select the one that best suits your preference.

4. If you selected Picture, you will now be able to browse your computer’s files and folders to select the image you want as your wallpaper. Select the picture you want and click Apply to save the selection.

5. If you selected Solid Color, you will be given a list of color options. Choose the one you want and click Apply to save the selection.

6. If you selected Slideshow, you will be able to select multiple images from your computer’s files and folders. You can also add images from online sources. Select the photos you want to include in the slideshow and click Apply to save the selection.

7. To further customize your wallpaper, you can adjust its position and create a tiled background pattern by clicking on the Advanced option.

8. If you want to have time-based wallpaper themes, click on the “Change Picture Every” option. Set the time interval between each wallpaper change and click Apply.

9. Finally, click on the “Save Changes” button and your new wallpaper will be applied instantly.

10. That’s it! You’ve now successfully customized your desktop background in Windows 10. Enjoy your new personalized desktop wallpaper!