How can I detect and remove malware to speed up my PC?

1. Install and use an antivirus program: It is important to install and regularly update an antivirus program on your PC to detect and remove any existing malware.

2. Secure Your Network: Make sure your home network is secure by implementing a firewall and changing the default password for your router.

3. Update Your Software: Keeping your software updated helps prevent attackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities.

4. Remove Unused Programs: Unused programs can take up memory, processing power, and storage, so it’s best to uninstall or disable them where possible.

5. Run Disk Cleanup: Disk cleanup can help free up disk space, deleting temporary internet files and other unnecessary files.

6. Adjust Visual Effects: Adjusting certain visual effects can help speed up your PC’s performance, especially if you don’t need them.

7. Run System Maintenance: Use the built-in System Maintenance tool to help keep your computer running efficiently and safely.