How can I do an effective disk clean-up to speed up my computer?

1. Empty the Recycle Bin. This will remove all of the files you have sent to the recycle bin that are no longer needed and taking up space on your hard drive.

2. Delete temporary files. Temporary files can occupy a lot of space on your hard drive. Use tools like CCleaner or Windows Disk Cleanup to easily delete these temporary files.

3. Uninstall unnecessary programs. If you’ve installed programs that you don’t use, it is a good idea to uninstall these to free up hard drive space.

4. Defragment your hard drive. Fragmentation occurs when parts of files are scattered across your computer’s hard drive. Defragmenting your hard drive puts these parts back together, which can help improve the performance of your computer.

5. Disable system restore. System restore is a feature that saves information about your computer in case something goes wrong. If you feel comfortable disabling this, you can free up some disk space.

6. Manage your browser plug-ins. Browser plug-ins can take up a lot of disk space, so manage them carefully. Disable any plug-ins you don’t need and update those you do.