How can I ensure my computer runs at its maximum speed?

1. Ensure your computer has enough RAM as this will help to improve its speed.

2. Regularly clean your computer’s disk space and delete any unnecessary files, documents and applications that are taking up space on your hard drive.
3. Make sure you have updated all important system drivers, such as those for your video and sound cards, as this can help optimize your computer’s performance.
4. Install an effective antivirus program and keep it regularly updated to protect against malware and other threats which can slow down your computer.
5. Reduce the number of programs running in the background. Close any unused programs and don’t open too many windows or tabs at once.
6. Manage your startup programs by changing settings so that only the essential programs are loading when you turn on your computer.
7. Defragment your hard drive to optimize its performance.
8. Check for software updates regularly as these can provide performance improvements.
9. Finally, consider upgrading your existing hardware if you need more speed.