How can I free up disk space to make my computer run faster?

1. Delete unnecessary files: Go through all of your files and delete any that you no longer need or use.

2. Uninstall unused programs: Uninstall any programs that are taking up too much space or that you don’t use often.

3. Clear browser cache: This will remove temporary files and help speed up your web browsing.

4. Move files to an external hard drive: Moving files to an external hard drive will free up valuable disk space on your computer.

5. Use built-in disk cleanup tools: Windows and Mac OSX both come with built-in disk cleanup tools that can delete old files and optimize your computer’s performance.

6. Compress files: You can compress files so they take up less space.

7. Upgrade your hard drive: An older hard drive may be slowing down your computer. Consider upgrading to a solid-state drive for faster loading times.