How can I free up disk space to speed up my PC?

1. Uninstall Unused Programs: Many users tend to install programs and never remove them even if they are not using them. This is one of the major reasons why computer performance declines over time. To free up disk space, start by uninstalling all those unused programs.

2. Remove Temporary Files: Temporarily files such as those downloaded from the Internet, photos, and videos accumulate over time and take up an unnecessary amount of disk space. To free up disk space, delete these temporary files.

3. Uninstall Programs Not needed for startup: Programs installed on your PC or laptop can be programmed to start every time you boot it up. This uses up unnecessary system resources and can also cause your computer to slow down. To free up disk space and make your computer faster, go to Task Manager and disable the programs that are not necessary for startup.

4. Disable System Restore: Windows use System Restore feature to restore your computer to a previous state when it was working properly. However, System Restore uses up a lot of disk space and can slow down your computer. To free up disk space and speed up your PC, you can disable System Restore.