How can I free up storage space to improve my PC’s performance?

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs – Go through the list of installed programs on your PC and uninstall any programs you do not need or recognize. This can free up a significant amount of space on your hard drive.

2. Delete temporary files – Windows stores temporary files for various tasks. You can find these files in the %temp% folder. Right-click on this folder and select “Delete” to clear out old files.

3. Move large files to an external storage device – If you have any very large files that are taking up a lot of space, consider transferring them to an external storage device such as an external hard drive.

4. Compress files – You can compress large files or folders to save disk space. Right-click on a file or folder and select “Compress (zip).”

5. Disable hibernation – If you are rarely using the system’s hibernate mode, you can disable it and free up several gigabytes of disk space.

6. Clean up the disk with a disk cleaner – Some disk cleaners can search for redundant files, temporary files and other data that is no longer needed and delete it to free up disk space.