How can I increase the performance of my computer?

1. Check for virus or malware infections and run antivirus software to remove any threats.

2. Empty your recycle bin, temporary files, and browser cache to free up space on your hard drive.
3. Uninstall unused programs or apps from your computer.
4. Disable unnecessary startup programs and services.
5. Update or upgrade your computer’s hardware, such as RAM and graphics cards.
6. Install an SSD (solid state drive) and move your operating system, datafiles, and other frequently used files onto it.
7. Adjust the power settings to maximize performance when you need it and conserve power when you don’t.
8. Defragment your hard drive regularly.
9. Enable File History, System Restore, and System Protection to protect your system against crashes.
10. Make sure your graphics card drivers are always up-to-date.