How can I make sure my computer gets the best performance out of its hardware?

1. Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements for any applications you plan to run.

2. Install the latest drivers for all of your hardware components, including graphics cards, sound cards and network cards.
3. Uninstall any applications or software that is no longer in use or needed.
4. Regularly check for security updates and install them to keep your system secure from threats.
5. Check Task Manager to identify any programs or processes hogging resources and disable or delete them if necessary.
6. Adjust the power settings to maximize performance when you need it, and conserve energy when you don’t.
7. Use disk defragmentation to increase the speed of loading data from your hard drive.
8. Make sure your antivirus program is up to date to protect against malicious threats.
9. Add additional RAM if feasible.
10. Free up space on your hard drive to help optimize system performance.