How can I manage my startup programs to reduce system load?

1. Uninstall any programs and applications you no longer use or need.

2. Use Windows Task Manager to disable unnecessary startup programs.
3. Manage your startup programs in your system preferences. Most operating systems have an option to configure which applications open when the system starts.
4. Use a third-party utility such as CCleaner to manage startup programs.
5. Disable any programs that are running in the background and are not essential for your work.
6. Use the startup impact feature in certain utilities to identify which programs are using the most system resources.
7. Create a list of the necessary startup programs and disable any extraneous ones.
8. Make sure all hardware drivers and software updates are up to date, as old drivers can bog down system performance.
9. Ensure that you’re not running two or more anti-virus programs simultaneously.
10. Run disk cleanup or other disk optimization tools to increase system performance.