How can I optimize Windows to run faster?

1. Regularly clean up your hard drive by uninstalling unnecessary programs, removing large and old files, and running disk cleanup and defragmenting.

2. Disable any unnecessary startup programs in the Task Manager.

3. Adjust your Power Settings in the Control Panel and choose a power plan that will give your PC more performance.

4. Disable visual effects from System Properties > Advanced tab and uncheck unnecessary options.

5. Install an anti-virus program, and regularly run scans to protect against malicious threats.

6. Check for any available updates for your device, including Windows updates, and install the latest ones.

7. Clean up the registry by using a reliable registry cleaner.

8. Reduce the number of programs running in the background.

9. Increase the size of your virtual memory.

10. Invest in additional RAM and faster storage devices if your computer is outdated.