How can I prevent programs from running in the background and slowing down my PC?

1. Manage Start-Up Programs: Go to the “Start” menu and search for “msconfig” in the search box, which will bring up the System Configuration window. Go to the “Start-Up” tab and deselect any programs you no longer need to always run in the background.

2. Use a Task Manager: A task manager is a great tool for ending processes you do not need. Windows has a built-in Task Manager, but there are also third-party options available (such as Process Explorer).

3. Uninstall Unneeded Programs: Uninstalling unnecessary programs can help free up memory, CPU power, and disk space which can all help speed up your system.

4. Disable Notifications and Background Apps: Many applications run in the background and send notifications that can slow down your system. You can disable these notifications and apps to help improve performance.

5. Update Drivers, OS, and Programs: Outdated drivers, programs, and operating systems can all lead to slowdowns, so make sure to keep them up to date.