How can I protect my computer from viruses and malware that might slow it down?

1. Install antivirus or internet security software: Antivirus or internet security software can help protect your computer from viruses and malware. Make sure to keep the software up-to-date by downloading the latest updates.

2. Keep operating system and other software updated: It’s important to regularly update your operating system and other software, as security patches may be included that can help protect against viruses and malware.

3. Enable a firewall: A firewall helps to block malicious programs from accessing your computer.

4. Don’t open unsolicited email attachments or links: Unsolicited emails may contain malicious code that can infect your computer.

5. Exercise caution when downloading software: Be careful when downloading software, as viruses and malware can be hidden in the download files. Only download software from verified sources.

6. Use trusted websites: Be sure to only visit trusted websites with secure connections. Malicious websites can automatically download viruses and malware onto your computer.

7. Update your web browser: Be sure to regularly update your web browser to ensure that it is up-to-date with the latest security patches against viruses and malware.

8. Use strong passwords: Use strong passwords to help prevent unauthorized access to your computer and data.