How can I stop programs from running in the background that reduce my computer’s speed?

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs: Most computers ship with a lot of additional programs that you might never use and can take up precious system resources. Uninstalling them can help improve system performance.

2. Close Unused Running Programs: Make sure to close any programs that are running in the background that you’re not using.

3. Update Software: Make sure to update your software and drivers regularly. This can help improve system performance by giving you access to the latest bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements.

4. Use Memory Management Tools: Windows and Mac both come with built-in memory management tools. These tools can help free up system resources and help improve overall performance.

5. Disable Unnecessary Features: Certain features of your operating system or installed programs can be disabled to help improve system performance.

6. Clean Your System: Cleaning your system can help speed up your computer by removing unnecessary files, temporary files, and other junk.

7. Disable Animations: Animations often take up more system resources than necessary and can slow down your computer. Disabling them can help improve performance.