How can I update my PC hardware to improve performance?

1. Increase RAM

Adding more RAM (Random Access Memory), especially if you have less than 8GB, can significantly improve your PC performance. RAM is responsible for running multiple tasks, such as web browsing and gaming, simultaneously.

2. Upgrade Your CPU
Your CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer, so upgrading it can have a significant effect on performance. Getting a better processor will enable your PC to perform tasks faster, such as multitasking, video editing, and gaming. Consult your motherboard’s manual for information about what types of processors it supports.

3. Replace Your Hard Drive
If your system is running slow due to outdated hardware, replacing your hard drive may be the best way to go. Replacing a traditional hard drive with an SSD (solid-state drive) will result in faster read/write speeds and improved system performance overall.

4. Install a Dedicated Graphics Card
A dedicated graphics card is necessary if you are a gamer or a graphics designer. If your current card isn’t powerful enough to support your needs, then replacing it with a newer model can improve performance. Make sure that the card you get is compatible with your system.

5. Add an External Hard Drive
An external hard drive can provide additional storage space for large files and programs, which can help improve system performance. They can also be used to back up important data in case of system failure or malware attack.