How can I view a list of recent items opened in Windows?

Windows offers a variety of ways to view and access files and folders that have been recently opened.

1. Using Windows File Explorer
To view recently accessed files and folders, open File Explorer by pressing the Windows Key + E. From there, select the “View” tab in the top menu bar and then click on the “Options” button. A new window will open, which will have a “Privacy” section with a check box for “Show recently used files in Quick access.” Check this box to enable the feature, then click “OK.”

Now, when you open File Explorer again, you should find a “Recent” section in the left panel. If the section is not visible, press the Alt key to show the menu bar and select “View > Navigation pane > Show recent folders.”

2. Using The Jump List
The Jump List is a feature in Windows 10 that stores a list of recently opened items for each program. To access it, open the program, right-click its icon on the taskbar, and select the “Recent” option. The Jump List will appear and contain all of the most recent items opened in the program.

3. Using the Documents Folder
The Documents folder in Windows stores a list of recently accessed files. To view them, open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\[username]\Documents. Once there, you can sort the list of files by date modified, which will show you all the files recently opened in the folder.

4. Using the Search Feature
Windows search can be used to quickly access recently opened items. To use it, simply enter the name of the file or folder you are looking for in the search bar and then click the down arrow symbol next to the search box. This will open a dropdown menu that contains a list of recent files and folders accessed by you. Select the item you are looking for from the list and it will be opened in its default program.

5. Using the History Menu
The History menu can be accessed by pressing the Windows Key + H. This will open a list of recently opened items in chronological order. It includes all programs, folders, and files that have been accessed on your computer, including those from the web.

6. Using Task Manager
The Task Manager can be used to view a list of recently opened programs. To access it, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys together. Then, click the “More details” option at the bottom of the window and go to the “Processes” tab. You will see a list of all recently opened programs that are currently running on your computer.