How do I adjust power settings?

1. Open the Start menu and select Settings.

2. Click on System.

3. Select Power & Sleep from the left column.

4. Here you can adjust the power settings for when your computer is plugged in, as well as when it’s running on battery.

5. To adjust the settings for when your computer is plugged in, click on Additional Power Settings.

6. In the window that opens, select the Change Plan Settings link next to the power plan you wish to adjust.

7. Another window will open where you can change the brightness and timeout settings for both when your computer is on battery and when it’s plugged in.

8. You can also fine-tune the settings for each of the individual power plans by clicking on the Change advanced power settings link.

9. A list of the available power options will appear. Click on the arrow next to a power setting to expand it, then select the desired setting from the drop-down menu.

10. When you’re done adjusting your power settings, make sure to click on the Apply button at the bottom of the window.

11. Your changes should now be saved and you can close the window.

In addition to these basic power settings, you may also be able to adjust more advanced options such as processor power management and hard disk power savings for increased power savings. You can find these settings in the BIOS or UEFI configuration utility of your computer.