How do I adjust the display brightness in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system and offers several ways to adjust the display brightness. Depending on your setup, you can adjust the brightness using the Settings app, the Action Center, or the hardware buttons on your laptop or monitor. Here’s how to adjust the display brightness in Windows 10.

Using the Settings App:
1. Open the Start Menu and search for “Settings”.
2. Select the “System” option.
3. On the left-hand side, select “Display”.
4. Under the “Brightness and Color” section on the right-hand side select the brightness slider and move it up or down as needed to find the perfect level.

Using the Action Center:
1. The quickest way to adjust the brightness is via the Action Center. To open the Action Center, click the notification icon in the lower-right corner of the taskbar.
2. You should see the brightness slider at the bottom of the notifications. Select it and move it up or down as needed to find the perfect level.

Using Hardware Buttons:
1. Some laptops and some monitors also come with dedicated brightness buttons on the keyboard, or on the side of the monitor.
2. Just press the brightness button, usually marked with a sun-like symbol with an arrow pointing up or down to adjust the brightness.
3. If your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated brightness button, it likely has a function key – usually Fn+F9 or Fn+F10. Press this combination and you should be able to adjust the brightness from there.

Once you’ve adjusted the brightness to your desired level, you should be all set. If your monitor has a power-saving feature, the brightness may automatically reduce when the device is inactive. You can disable this feature by going to the “Power & Sleep” section in the Settings app.

Keep in mind that your display settings will vary depending on your device, and there are more advanced options available in the Settings app as well. If you’re having trouble adjusting your display brightness, use the “Troubleshoot” option in the Settings app to get more help.