How do I change language and regional options?

Changing Language and Regional Options

1. Open the Windows Control Panel. To do this, click on the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen and then select Control Panel from the pop-up menu.

2. In the Control Panel, select the Clock, Language and Region option. This should open a new window with multiple tabs at the top.

3. Navigate to the Region tab. This will be the fourth tab from the left.

4. On this tab you will find both language and regional options. To change any of these, select the drop-down menu next to the corresponding setting.

5. To change language settings, select either the Display Languages or Administrative Languages drop-down menus. For example, if you wish to change the language of your system’s user interface, choose the ‘Display languages’ drop-down menu, and select the language you prefer.

6. In order to change the settings for region, select the drop down menu next to the ‘Regional Format’ option. Here, you can select the country code for the territory in which you reside.

7. To finalize the changes made, click on the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the window. And then hit ‘OK’ to exit.

Your language and regional settings should now be permanently changed. After making these changes, all the applications, websites and software that run on your system will be set to the language and region that you have chosen. Additionally, any changes made to the language and region settings will also alter how dates, times, and currency are displayed on your computer.