How do I change my account settings in the Windows control panel?

The Windows control panel is an accessible and user-friendly way to manage various aspects of your computer’s settings, including those related to your account. This article will explain how to change your account settings in the Windows control panel.

1. Open the Start menu.

2. In the Start Menu, click the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

3. Click on Accounts.

4. Click on “Your Account”.

5. Under Your Account, you should see several options that you can use to customize your profile. You can change your picture, name, password and more.

6. If you want to make changes to your account settings, click the “Change Account Settings” option.

7. Here, you will be able to change settings for your local account, such as the PIN, password, and sign-in options.

8. If you want to link your Microsoft account to your local account, click the “Linked Accounts” option.

9. Here, you can add a Microsoft account to your local account and then choose to keep the account synced with each other. This will allow you to quickly switch between accounts or access files stored on one account from the other.

10. To manage security and privacy settings, select the “Privacy” option.

11. Here, you can choose which apps have permission to access and use your personal data, adjust your location settings, and manage your camera, microphone and notification settings among others.

12. If you want to manage the Family & Other Users settings, click the “Family & Other Users” option.

13. Here, you can add new family members, set up child accounts and control their activity, adjust the accounts permissions and add new users to your computer.

14. Finally, if you want to adjust the settings for your Microsoft account, click the “Manage My Microsoft Account” option.

15. Here, you can view your account settings, change your payment options, and purchase subscriptions such as Office 365 and Xbox Live Gold, among other things.

These are the steps to follow to change your account settings in the Windows control panel. With these simple steps, you can easily customize your account and better control the privacy and security settings associated with it.