How do I change my mouse settings in Windows?

1. Changing your mouse settings in Windows is a relatively simple process. You can easily customize the speed, sensitivity, and primary button clicks to make your mouse feel more comfortable or easier to navigate. You can also adjust pointer options, such as changing the size and color of the cursor, and access additional features for gaming and accessibility.

2. To begin, open the Settings window by pressing the Windows key + I on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can find it on the Start menu.

3. In the Settings window, select Devices. Then, on the left-hand side, select Mouse.

4. On the right-hand side of the window, scroll down until you see “Related Settings” below the Mouse & touchpad heading. Select Additional mouse options.

5. The Mouse Properties window will open. Here, you can adjust the speed and sensitivity of your mouse. To do this, click on the Pointer Options tab.

6. Under Motion, you can adjust the speed at which your pointer moves, from Slow to Fast, using the slider. You can also check the box next to Enhance pointer precision to make small movements smoother.

7. To adjust the sensitivity of your pointer, go to the Buttons tab. Here, you can increase or decrease the speed at which your mouse responds to clicks.

8. The same tab also lets you switch the primary and secondary buttons of your mouse – if you’re left-handed, for example, you can choose to have the left-click as your primary button instead of the right. You can also adjust the double-click speed here.

9. In the same window, you can also change the appearance of your pointer. To do this, click on the Pointers tab. Here, you can select and customize different pointer schemes, as well as change the size, color, and style of the pointer.

10. Finally, the Wheel tab of the Mouse Properties window lets you adjust the scrolling speed and direction of your mouse wheel. You may also find additional settings for gaming in the Gaming tab.

11. When you’re done, click Apply, then OK, and the new settings will be saved. Depending on your mouse model and type, you may find other options and features on the tabs of the Mouse Properties window.